SVETOCH-Production and development of LED lighting

SVETOCH-a company that specializes in the development and manufacture of LED lights. We produce our own LED aluminium profiles, constantly optimize them and adapt them to your needs. Additional components are sourced from well-known manufacturers, with whom we can look back on many years of experience.

Since its inception, the focus has been on components for reliable, energy-efficient and durable LED lights, which we sell cheaply. Our strengths are efficient heat dissipation, modularity and easy assembly. This allows our lights to glow much longer than conventional LED lights.

Our basis is the development and production of high-quality LED aluminium profiles. In our LED modules we install the most efficient brands high-power LED from e.g. Samsung, Osram, Cree, Seoul, LG and others. For secondary ptiken (lenses), we recommend the products of LEDiL (Finland) to our customers. With these optics (lenses) it is possible to customize beam angles. The light permeability is up to 96% and is therefore part of the absolute top class.

Heat dissipation, reliable power supply and tightness of the LED lights are the most important factors for durable and efficient LEDs. Thanks to our innovative developments and the possibility of achieving the protection class up to IP65 for most luminaires, it is possible to use it even under the most extreme conditions from cold to hot production halls or wet areas. Our products can be used universally.

All our enclosures can be used in any use. From private use to use in municipalities, architectural lighting, to lighting advertising spaces, streets, stadiums and large industrial facilities. Industrial LED lights, lighting of the bearings, shops and pavements. You will find the right solution for each area.

We are continuously expanding our range.

Our ultimate goal is to produce reliable LED lighting at a cost-effective fair price for you.

SVETOCH lights up longer