LED profile end caps

Personalize your LED lights with your own logos and nameplates on the end caps. An extra recess gives you the opportunity to attach them there.

End caps seal the sides of the LED aluminum profiles. SVETOCH end caps are made of special ABS plastic. This makes them resistant to UV radiation, weather, aging, temperature, oils and fats.

The special feature of SVETOCH end caps are the wide range of options, such as holes for holes, well thought-out recesses for pressure balance valve assemblies and cable glands (eg PG7 or M12). Further recesses simplify the use of silicone cords and sealing compounds to seal the LED aluminum profiles. So a sealing of the LED light up to protection class IP 67 is possible.

SVETOCH end caps are durable, quick to assemble and reliably seal aluminum profiles.

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Showing all 12 results