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SVETOCH News Archive 2017-2013–Written on 26.06.2017

Sales start “SVETOCH ARCTIC”

Sales start for profile cap “SVETOCH ARCTIC.” The fixture confirmed the superiority in your class. 60-watt lamp hung in 20cm ceilings distance and 50cm profile length (0.65kg) warmed up by 22 degrees. Orders for the first 2,000 lamps based on the profile “SVETOCH ARCTIC” have been completed.

LED lights


Upcoming production of the new profile “SVETOCH ARCTIC” as well as associated final caps and fasteners. Main place of use-offices, shops, warehouses, assembly halls, corridors. Profile has very low weight (1 meter-1.31 kg), heat dissipation (at more than 120 watts per 1 meter) and an extremely elegant design. First series 5 tons goes to the press.


First 3 ton “SVETOCH NEW”

We expect the first 3 tons of new profile “SVETOCH NEW” in 3 weeks to be received. It is a lighter version of the profile “SVETOCH.” End caps of “SVETOCH” can still be used at “SVETOCH NEW.”

Production start “SVETOCH INDUSTRY NEW” 29.07.2016

Prepare production start for the first three tons of “SVETOCH INDUSTRY NEW” profile. Differences:

1. Elimination of rails inside-offer the possibility of using larger power supplies/drivers.
2. No more improvement of attachment in mother M6.
3. Increased external scope (improved heat dissipation).
4. Enlarging the wall between the driver and LED modules to 4.3 mm ensures faster heat dissipation of high-performance LED modules.

New profile “SVETOCH QUADRO” 30.05.2016

New profile and matching end caps “SVETOCH QUADRO” goes on sale in 3 weeks. Drawings and photos will be published soon. An ideal solution for warehouses, production facilities, shops and outdoor advertising.

Improved version The profile “SVETOCH SOLO.” 21.01.2016

Prepare production start for improved version of the profile “SVETOCH SOLO.” Distinguishing to the old version will be glass rollers. (That is, an improved waterproofing) and the possibility of using the lenses (optics) Florentina-Florence. These lenses ask for a wide range of applications, such as in warehouses.

Third generation LED diodes “LG” 28.06.2015

All LG LED boards will now receive diodes of the last (third) generation!!! Now the effectiveness is increased by 4-5%. Due to the fact that in our company for two years in sales there has never been a single complaint of this diode, it confirms the quality and reliability of the diodes. With a volume of more than 5.000.000 diodes – it’s a very good result.

Production start of the Profile “SVETOCH STRADA” 16.06.2015

Prepare production start for the profile “SVETOCH STRADA” adapted to secondary ptics. Range width of 92 mm for the LED modules and the lack of any lateral limitations allows the use of different LED boards/modules and secondary roptics. For assembly on masts, “SVETOCH STRADA” will be compatible with the profile of “SVETOCH CONSOLE.” End caps for profile are in development and go into production in a timely manner. “SVETOCH STRADA” will go on sale at the end of August. There are possibilities of pre-order. Drawings, detailed description and prices will follow.

Production start of the profile “SVETOCH INDUSTRY” 24.04.2015

Prepares a new profile “SVETOCH INDUSTRY” for almost any purpose for the start of production. It is a version of the “SVETOCH UNIVERS OPTIC,” adapted to the optics 2×6 of “Ledil” and driver IPS from the company “Argos.” Range of 72 mm width for the LED modules and a height below the glass of 12 mm allow use of any optics and LED modules. This profile allows you to use LED modules in a lamp of over 1000 watts. The efficiency of the heat dissipation of the profile is of 2-3% better than with “SVETOCH UNIVERS,” in addition to simple and convenient assembly. End caps for “SVETOCH INDUSTRY” are developed going into production. Planned sales launch of lamps and profile is at the end of May. Pre-orders possible. Drawings, detailed description and prices will be published in a timely manner.


Prepares a new profile “SVETOCH PROFI” type “bell” for industrial buildings, stadiums, halls, supermarkets for production starts. The profile has very efficient heat dissipation, 200 watts to 2.5 kg (20 cm), with temperature changes of only 20-25 degrees. Profile can be easily put together in “cells,” the hot that the lamp can possess infinitely strong performance.

End cap cast for “SVETOCH MAGISTRAL” 15.09.2014

Development start of the cast end caps for “SVETOCH MAGISTRAL.” Profile confirmed his extraordinary heat dissipation and goes into a big series.

New high-performance – lamp . 04/2014

Project start of a high-performance – lamp. The case (aluminium profile) is adapted to the LED driver manufacturers ARGOS TRAID 100watt, INVENTRONICS 100watts, PHILIPS ADVENCE 150watts and MEAN WELL 200Watt. With an area for LED modules and the secondary ptics up to 183 mm wide. Length arbitrary. Planned delivery of the profile and profile caps at the end of June 2014. Calculated profile values: Temperature increase in the profile of 20°C per meter (7 kg), with a load of 300 watts.


Prepare production start for the profile “SVETOCH UNIVERS OPTIK” with a platform for wide boards and block optics. It is an improved version of the lamp based on the profile “SVETOCH UNIVERS.” Changes are – elimination of the dividing lines on the platform for rolling. The width of the LED boards and dder optics up to 56 mm. Length arbitrary. Recommended use in conjunction with optics of our partner “Ledil.” Ready to ship from mid-June 2014.

Start of making profile caps 03.2014

Start of production of profile caps for profiles “SVETOCH UNIVERS” (expected from the end of June), “SVETOCH SOLO” (from the beginning of July), “SVETOCH MINI” (from the end of July).

Profile caps “SVETOCH MINI” 02.2014

Profile and profile caps “SVETOCH MINI” are ready for production.

The "I have a"

New LED light “SVETOCH MINI” 12.2013

At the end of January, a production of a new LED – “SVETOCH MINI” lamp will start. Developed in response to the overcrowding of the market with inferior profiles for LED strips and modules. The difference of competitors is multiple better heat dissipation, comfortable mounts, beautiful design, high price performance range. Main places of use are sales halls, storefronts, illumination of ceilings, stairs, corridors, as well as workplaces.


Profile “SVETOCH UNIVERS” ready for production.


New series “SVETOCH UNIVERS” 08.2013

Prepare production start of the new series “SVETOCH UNIVERS.” The fixtures we can install from the beginning of September. This series can be used as interior lighting thanks to the design and designs, as outdoor and office. Several fasteners such as the wall, ceiling or hanging fasteners are possible. A versatility of this series is the use and compatibility of LED modules or LED strips for a wide from 9mm to 12.5mm, which are also sold in most specialty stores.

Start of production “SVETOCH SOLO” .07.2013

Production of the new series “SVETOCH SOLO.” Series features a sleek design, effective heat dissipation, easy assembly, lightness and compactness. The ideal solution for lighting warehouses, shopping halls, workplaces, advertising facilities. Aluminum profile with profile caps can be purchased for self-assembly. Area width for LED modules and LED stripes is from 9 mm to 30 mm.

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