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Designed for fast and reliable installation of The SVETOCH ARCTIC LED lights on a wall, ceiling or suspended.

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Mounting is designed for the profile SVETOCH ARCTIC for fast and reliable installation on a wall, ceiling or suspended. The U-shaped mounting profile allows you to adjust the distance of the LED lamp to the wall or ceiling in three stages. This makes it easier to dissipate the heat. A lamp can be held with a 150 mm or two 27 mm fasteners.


  • modular system
  • quick and easy installation
  • reliable hold of their LED lights
  • low price – good value


Maximum length in mm 3000*
Width in mm 50
Height in mm 24,7
Weight per meter in kg 0,385
Material EN AW-6060, AlMgSi0,5
Oxlexified protection
Developer SVETOCH

*available in different variants/lengths

Additional information

Weight 0,012 kg
Dimensions 5 × 2,47 × 2,7 cm


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