Stainless steel lens head-sheet screws – 2.9*6.5mm


DIN 7981 – A2 – C 2.9 * 6.5mm H – cross slot

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Simple and optimal solution for attaching LED modules and LED strips to all our LED profiles.

  • DIN 7981
  • Stainless steel A2 – stainless
  • Cross Slot (Phillips) 2.9*6.5mm


Drive form: Phillips
Head: Buttonhead
Diameter: 2,9mm
Length in mm: 6,5
Thread type: Sheet metal thread
Head Ø (diameter): 5.5mm
Head height: 2.2mm
Material: Stainless steel A2

Additional information

Weight 0,000466 kg
Dimensions 0,55 × 0,55 × 0,9 cm


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