DOWSIL 7091 ADHESIVE & SEALANT – 310ml – gray


DOWSIL 7091 – Adhesive sealant – high reliability and elasticity

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DOWSIL 7091 – Adhesive sealant is a single-component, neutral silicone adhesive. Has an incomparable adhesion to materials such as glazed and dyed steel, aluminum, ceramics and glass. DOWSIL 7091 is the solution for adhesive and sealing applications for the assembly of LED lights and seals manufactured on site (Formed-In-Place Gasket, FIPG). For applications that require strong but flexible bonding, such as when bonding materials with different thermal expansion ratios (e.g. glass with metal or glass with plastic).


  • High reliability and elasticity
  • Easy to use
  • hardens out to a hard, flexible rubber
  • suitable for general adhesive and sealing applications
  • Manufacture of FIPG seals
  • excellent adhesion to many surfaces
  • is harmless to light-emitting diodes
  • quick-drying
  • Don’t drip


Elongation: 680
Color: gray
Hardness – Durometer, Shore A 32
Stretchability, MPa 2,5
Temperature range in °C, continuous (intermittent) -40 to 180
Skin formation time, Min 15
Drying time, min. 41
Extrusion speed, g/min. 185
Shelf life in days: 360
Safety Data Sheet (EN) SDS DOWSIL 7091
technical data sheet (EN) TDS DOWSIL 7091

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