10 W/mK (4.2 grams) – High-performance thermal paste – KERATHERM® KP 12 (silicone-free)


Operating temperature -60 to +150 °C, thermal conductivity: 10 W/mK

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KERATHERM® thermal pastes

KERATHERM® thermal conductive pastes are characterized by their good formability and a very low thermal resistance. There is no drying out and extremely low evaporation of components.


– LED cooler

– Notebooks

– CPU/GPU cooler

– IGBT units

– LED modules

The silicone-free thermal paste KP 12 is made of synthetic thermal polymers and enables fast extremely high heat dissipation. The paste is especially suitable for silicone-sensitive applications.
The long-term stability of the thermal pastes guarantees full functionality throughout the life of the product. Under normal conditions of use, the pastes do not harden, nor do they dry out or melt.
They are not bound to any special storage and can therefore be stored for up to 12 months in a normal climate.
In case of possible heel appearances of the fillers, the pastes must be mixed intensively before use.

Practical syringe filling


  • very high thermal conductivity: 10 W/mK
  • suitable for silicone-sensitive applications
  • Long-term stability
  • does not harden – does not dry out – does not melt


Unit: Syringe 3 ml
Content: 4.2 g
Type: KP12
Thermal conductivity: 10 W/mK
Min. Temperature: -60 °C
Max. Temperature +150 °C
Weight Loss (TML) Ma.- <0.1
Manufacturer KERAFOL,
(detailed information)
(Safety data sheet)

Additional information

Weight 0,0088 kg
Dimensions 2,4 × 1,4 × 13,5 cm


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