LED module – LED48 2835 – with SAMSUNG LED


3970 lm at 700 mA, high power LED module on rigid aluminium board, optimized for LED profiles SVETOCH ARCTIC, SVETOCH SOLO, SVETOCH UNIVERSEand SVETOCH MINI

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field of use

Outdoor application, street, industrial, indoor, office and area lighting.

LED Aluminium Module LED 48 equipped with diodes 2835 has been specially developed for the luminaires with the aluminium profile SVETOCH ARCTIC, SVETOCH SOLO, SVETOCH UNIVERSE and SVETOCH MINI, but can be used anywhere. A variety of holes allow easy assembly. One module consists of 4x parallel, 12 mid-power LEDs connected in series. All LED modules are equipped with branded LEDs from the manufacturer Samsung’s latest generation.


  • low power consumption at a very high luminous flux
  • Working current power can be used in different mA
  • high-quality LEDs
  • quick and easy installation
  • rigid aluminium board with better heat dissipation
  • High colour rendering index

*For orders of 500 LED modules or more, individual colour temperatures approx. 3500 K, 4000 K, 6000 K or others are possible. Use the “Message to us / Notes on this order” function in the SHOPPING CART, or our contactform in the SERVICE section. You are welcome to inform us by phone about the specifics of your order.


Number of LEDs: 48
Rated current per module in mA: 260 ~ 700
recommended operating current per LED: from 65 to 175 mA
maximum current per LED: up to 200 mA
Lumens per module at 350 mA: 2030 (184lm / W)*
Lumens per module at 600 mA: 3504 (161lm / W)*
Lumens per module at 700 mA: 3970 (155lm / W)*
Colour temperature* in K: approx. 5000*
Colour rendering index in Ra: > 80
Ambient temperature in °C: -65 to +45
Angle of luminous flux: 120°
Weight in kg: 0,015
Total dimensions in mm: 448 * 12,5 * 1,5
Fixing on the profile: screws, rollers, rivets
Datasheet: LED module LED48 2835
Type of diode 2835: Samsung – LM281D+ (SPMWH6228FD5WAR0SE)

ATTENTION !This LED module/light strip must not be operated without a suitable heat sink. Danger from overheating of the LEDs. ALWAYS use a suitable heatsink that is adapted to the operating current of the LED module to ensure heat dissipation of the module. This significantly extends the life of your LEDs.

When sharing the LED module, the rated current must also be divided. (See schematic)

LED 48 3528

Additional information

Weight 0,025 kg
Dimensions 44,8 × 1,25 × 0,15 cm


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