LED aluminum profile SVETOCH

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Heat dissipation up to 240 watts / meter.
our best proven and the best selling aluminum profile. The double-sealed, impact-resistant polycarbonate lens makes it a perfect solution for industrial and street lighting.

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Profile SVETOCH is our best proven and best selling aluminum profile. High circumference due to the special shape of the cooling fins dissipates a lot of heat from LED modules. The double-sealed, impact-resistant polycarbonate lens makes it a perfect solution for industrial and street lighting. Based on this profile, economical, reliable and high-performance LED luminaires for street, garage, parking and industrial and warehouse lighting are manufactured. The heat dissipation is 240 watts per 1 meter (8 kg). The lifetime of the LED modules in connection with this profile is 20-30 years. This is achieved by brand LED’s, larger cooling surface and fixed connection of the module to the profile surface.


  • very high heat dissipation
  • up to 4 LED strips in parallel
  • Space for a variety of drivers
  • Guide rails for additional control boards in the interior
  • easy installation of LED modules and protective screen
  • many mounting options
  • Protection class up to IP67


SVETOCH profiles are made of anodized aluminum. Three aluminum ribs between the LED strips support the protective screen. At the same time, these ribs focus the light down into the work area.

The aluminum profile SVETOCH allows the use of LED modules up to 26.5 mm wide. We recommend the aluminum LED module LED48 3528. Our LED strips are always equipped with brand LEDs of the last generation Samsung. We recommend making holes for LED modules and optics with a CNC machine (we offer this service on request).

For this aluminum profile we offer SVETOCH profile end caps made of impact-resistantABS plastic and silumin. The material is resistant to UV radiation. The seal is made by a square silicone cord with 3.5 mm thickness.

This profile provides enough space for several different LED drivers up to 41.5 x 36.5 mm. By sealing the profile, the LED modules and drivers are additionally protected up to IP67. So drivers with a lower protection class can be installed. This reduces the initial cost of LED drivers enormously. The installation of a pressure compensation valve prevents the formation of condensation.

We recommend a protective glass of 3 mm transparent monolithic polycarbonate for the outside, or matt diffused protective glass of 1.5 mm with a light transmittance of about 90% for the interior lighting. The sealing of the glass is reliable and very easy. Under “Variants” you can directly select appropriately sized protective screens.


Length in mm 247
Width in mm 192
Height in mm 72
Weight per meter in kg 8,079
Outer circumference in mm 1488
Recommended module power per 1 m 240 W
Recommended module power per 1 kg 28 W
Material EN AW-6060, AlMgSi0,5
Oxlexified protection Colorless
Developer SVETOCH
Datasheet SVETOCH


With the SVETOCH CONSOLE it is possible to mount luminaires to a pipe.

Can be combined with SVETOCH WALL 360 for fixing to wall and ceiling.


Additional information

Weight 1,996 kg
Dimensions 24,7 × 19,4 × 7,06 cm


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